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Brandon Methodist Kindergarten (BMK) is a half day preschool and Kindergarten that presently uses the ABEKA curriculum. BMK endeavors to provide each child with a balanced program of work and play which will include: creative activities, group experiences, listening and sharing stories, Bible stories, movies, art, music, science, social studies, math readiness, writing readiness, reading readiness, and health-safety education. An awareness of God is made manifest through our entire program so that children will have many opportunities to know God as the giver of the all things.


  • All students must be independently  potty trained.

  • Students must be 3 years of age by September  1, 2024 to be enrolled in the 3 year old classes

  • Students must be 4 years of age by September 1, 2024 to be enrolled in the 4 year old classes

  • Students must be 5 years of age by  September 1, 2024 to be enrolled in the Kindergarten class. 

Open registration begins February 1st of each year. If you would like a tour, please contact our office to set up a time. 


  • Our normal school hours are 8:00am-11:15am.

  • 3-day week classes attend Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

  • 5-day week classes attend Monday-Friday

  • We have an optional playday on Tuesdays ($10.00-bring own lunch) and Thursdays ($10.00-pizza). This is an extended day until 1:45pm.



Please CLICK HERE to go to our INFORMATION page for details on all fees.


Our Programs

BMK abeka.jpg

Abeka Curriculum

BMK uses the Abeka preschool curriculum that features a traditional approach to teaching and learning, cross-subject integration, spiral review, and plenty of hands-on activities.


Bible Stories

The Abeka Bible Curriculum teaches children about the Old and New Testament Stories and how much God loves children using songs, colorful illustrations and Bible verses.


Late Play Day


Depending on your family’s schedule, our  late play days on Tuesdays and Thursdays might be the right fit for you. Pick up from Late Play Day is from 1:45-2:00.

Our Testimonials

Greg Wilcox

"As a father of 3 daughters, it’s always reassuring to know that when you drop your child off at school, they are truly cared for!  Not only has BMK been there academically and spiritually for two of my three daughters, but they treated them as one of their own.  When asked, “where should I send my child to prepare them for school and life?”, I am quick to respond, BMK because they care, teach and have Christian values!  I believe because of their “starting blocks and curriculum”, my middle child is attending USM Nursing Program and my youngest is friends to everyone and has a great self-esteem.  Thank you BMK for preparing our future leaders of tomorrow!"

Dale Purvis

"Thanks to BMK, we have been confident in sending both our children to a great school that provides a learning experience rooted in Christian beliefs.   The facility and staff are second to none and both children loved going to school every day."    

Jamie Floyd

"When you send your children to BMK it is like sending them to be taught and nurtured by close friends or family.  They are genuinely cared for and more than prepared for their next step in education.  We couldn’t have hoped for a better experience."

Kay Elliot

BMK has been such a sweet blessing to our family. Each one of our three children were poured into from this school. There is something special about knowing that these teachers meet their spiritual needs and will continue to point them to the cross daily. We can say BMK help lay their foundation in their spiritual growth and helped prepare them academically for the next level.  We love BMK.

Haley Guest

"What I loved most about BMK is that my boys absolutely loved going to school. I knew that the precious teachers at BMK were greeting them with a big smile and hug each morning.The staff at BMK radiates the love of Jesus each and every day."    

BMK Kids.png

Our Roots

Young children who go to Brandon Methodist Kindergarten get the tools and support they need for their healthy development. All activities are carefully designed to adequately nurture the emotional, intellectual and physical growth of our kids. Using the Abeka Curriculum and hands-on learning opportunities, children are free to develop into bright young minds.

Diverse Kindergarten

Brandon Methodist Kindergarten Mission

It is the philosophy of the Brandon Methodist Kindergarten that early childhood should be a time of fun, warmth, exploring, and discovery. Preschool children are creative and receptive: the staff strives to nurture and encourage these qualities in the children who attend our program.
The preschool’s purpose is to provide an atmosphere that encourages social, spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth and development for the child as a whole.

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